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Academy: IT Governance | Executive Brief

Topic Introduction

Academy: IT Governance | Phase One

Align IT with the Business Context

Academy: IT Governance | Phase Two

Assess the Current Governance Framework

Academy: IT Governance | Phase Three

Redesign the Governance Framework

Academy: IT Governance | Phase Four

Implement Governance Redesign

Balance Supply and Demand with Realistic Resource Management Practices

To properly allocate project work and establish more stable project timelines, PMOs and portfolio managers need to develop a reasonable and manageable approximation of...
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Confidently Ask for More IT Staff in Public Administration

Supporting the technological needs of public administrations is difficult. Maintaining high levels of IT service and support is even more challenging without adequate...

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why every IT department needs a project portfolio management strategy, and maximize the value of the project portfolio to drive...

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy

With the right PPM strategy, IT leaders can enable executive decision makers to make sense of the excess of project demand and prioritize those initiatives that are of...
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Academy: Portfolio Management | Executive Brief

Topic Introduction
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