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Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why every IT department needs a project portfolio management strategy, and maximize the value of the project portfolio to drive...

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy

With the right PPM strategy, IT leaders can enable executive decision makers to make sense of the excess of project demand and prioritize those initiatives that are of...
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Academy: Portfolio Management | Executive Brief

Topic Introduction

Academy: Portfolio Management | Phase One

Assess Current PPM Capability

Academy: Portfolio Management | Phase Two

Develop the PPM Strategy

Academy: Portfolio Management | Phase Three

Implement and Maintain the PPM Strategy

Rebalance Project Intake for Small Enterprise

Successful project intake doesn't require additional time, administrative overhead, or high PPM maturity. Build intake discipline one step at a time by adopting a...
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Tame the Project Backlog

Treat your project backlog like an investment: if you’re going to put time and money into keeping one, ensure that you’re investing wisely and getting a good return in...
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Tame the Project Backlog – Executive Brief

This executive brief will help you gain buy-in for implementing more disciplined project backlog management processes.

Tame the Project Backlog – Phases 1-3

Take charge of your backlog of unstarted projects.
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