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Managing an IT Department is Very, Very Hard to Get Right

After talking to 32,785 business leaders, we discovered that only 28% of stakeholders are supporters of their IT Departments. How can IT leaders be effective when not supported by the business?

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A Step-By-Step Membership Program to
Systematically Improve IT Performance

DDI steps

Step 1

Establish IT Performance Measurement

It’s a paradigm shift. Begin by moving from feelings and guesswork to measuring IT performance using a data-driven, fact-based approach.

Set Goals for Your Team and Align to Business Needs

Rally your team behind a big-picture goal that is more than a deadline, increasing stakeholder satisfaction.

Understand Needs and Allocate Resources More Effectively

Stakeholders have complex needs. Understand their priorities and the reason for satisfaction or dissatisfaction with core services.

Objectively Measure IT Performance and Prove Your Merit

Confidently report year-over-year improvements to key stakeholders. Utilize this data to make the case for IT strategy and investment.

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Performance Measurement

Step 2

Build a Data-Driven Strategy

Objectively identify what needs to improve with our robust, client-tested diagnostic programs. Our diagnostic programs will help you move past subjective measurement of IT to help you prioritize projects, secure funding and become a strategic leader in your organization.

A number of firms, including the Big Four, have been in the 'giving us advice' business for some time but none of them have been able to give us analytics that spell out the trouble areas more clearly than Info-Tech.

-CIO Fortune 100 Firm Logistics

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Step 3

Manage Core IT Processes

Each of the squares within this table contains research designed to help you improve processes.

Use our Management & Governance Diagnostic to help you identify which areas of the table to focus on.

Assign ownership to each area and measure year-over-year progress.

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management and governance framework

Step 4

Utilize Key Initiative Plans for Each Executive Role

Use our role-specific roadmaps to drive process maturity and sustainable IT improvement.

Step 5

Use Best Practice Tools for Key Projects

Every best-practice blueprint uses the critical insights uncovered in our comprehensive research process to give you the roadmap to solving your IT problems. Each blueprint can be accompanied by a guided implementation that provides you access to our world class analysts to help you get through the project.

Sample Blueprint: Build an Information Security Strategy

Read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should build an Information Security strategy, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.


Perform a gap analysis

Perform a gap analysis by assessing the current state and then determining the organizational target state.


Develop gap initiatives

Generate initiatives to reach the organizational target state.

Our Coverage

Our research and advisory covers 100s of IT topics across all core areas of the industry.

Step 6

Leverage Executive Coaching Throughout the Year

You have a tight budget and you want to make the most of every dollar. That’s why our services are flexible to give you the solution that fits your needs, from DIY to full-on consulting.

Add-On Experiences

We can help you solve your most pressing IT problems through our range of innovative workshops or custom consulting

On-Site Workshops Consulting Services

Step 7

Measure Year-Over-Year Improvement

On average, our clients’ stakeholder satisfaction scores get 20% closer to a perfect score each year.

management and governance framework

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