Security Operations - Templates & Policies

System Configuration Management Policy

Use Info-Tech's Configuration Management Policy to define how configurations will be managed.

Media Protection Policy

Use Info-Tech's Media Protection Policy to define the level of protection mechanisms that will exist to protect your media.

Incident Response Policy

Use Info-Tech's Incident Response Policy to specify the parameters of your incident response program.

Risk Assessment Policy

Use Info-Tech's Risk Assessment Policy to define the parameters of your risk assessment program, including the frequency of evaluation.

Security Assessment Policy

Use Info-Tech's Security Assessment Policy to specify the requirements of security assessments and their associated controls.

Identification and Authentication Policy

Use Info-Tech's Identification and Authentication Policy to document the requirements and methods in which systems will be accessed.

System and Communications Security Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure security is a key consideration in network management and in the transfer of information in and out of the organization.

Personnel Security Policy

Use Info-Tech's Personnel Security Policy to document the personnel requirements prior to and during employment.

Physical Protection Policy

Use Info-Tech's Physical Security Policy to outline the measures taken to protect physical security.

Audit and Accountability Policy

​Use Info-Tech's Audit and Accountability Policy to specify the parameters for system monitoring, analysis and investigation of system activity.
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