Information Asset Audit Tool

Use this tool to compile the results of a comprehensive information asset audit after defining your information domains, project scope, and ILM operating model.

Information Classification Scheme Creation Tool

Use this tool to create, develop, and refine an information classification scheme that reflects the complexity and security requirements of your information assets.

ILM Policy Need Identification Tool

Use this tool to track your ILM policy planning and development as part of the information lifecycle management project.

Information Domain Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to determine the scope of your ECM governance program by assessing the value and risk of your information domains.

Data Quality Practice Assessment and Project Planning Tool

Use this tool to perform a detailed assessment of your organization's data quality practice capabilities and identify gaps that will direct your overall data quality...

Data Quality Health Check Tool

The first step to improving data quality is to understand which data quality problems are prevalent in the organization. Discover what data quality problems are occurring...

Security Risk Register Tool

This tool will allow you to collect, analyze, and aggregate individual micro risks and view the macro level of risk within the organization, including how it compares to...

Door Locks & Access Control Vendor Shortlist Tool

Review the leader door locks and access control providers and build a shortlist for your gaming, hotel, or resort business.

In-Room Tablet Vendor Shortlist Tool

Review in-room tablet providers and build a shortlist for your hotel and resort business.

Technical Skills Map

Use this tool to define and visualize the impact of different characteristics of skills need and make a decision on acquiring new skills.
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