Templates & Policies

Standardize the Service Desk Task List

The Standardize the Service Desk Task List helps clients organize and track the service desk standardization project tasks as they proceed through a DIY project or a...

Service Desk Balanced Scorecards

This template outlines simple tension metrics that organizations can use to measure the performance of their service support organization and their service desk analysts.

Standardize the Service Desk Executive Presentation

The Executive Presentation template provides an example of how to organize the process improvements outlined in the Standardize the Service Desk blueprint for an...

Workflow Library

The workflow library provides examples of typical incident management and request fulfillment workflows that make up the bulk of service support processes in many service...

Recurring Issues Template

The Recurring Issues Template provides an example of how to easily track and reduce the recurrence of issues that impact end users.

Service Desk Software – Ticket Categorization Schemes

The ticket categorization schemes provide examples of ticket categories to organize the data in the service desk tool and produce reports that help managers manage the...

Sample Communication Plan

This template will help clients develop a communication plan that guides stakeholders through the most important process changes they can expect as a result of the...

IT Service Desk Demo Script Template

This template helps IT provide vendors with a consistent set of briefing instructions, which ensures an objective comparison of IT service management (ITSM) product features.

Project Handover Template

The project handover template provides an example of how to organize project support information to help the service desk support the project once it enters operations.

Service Desk Support Call Worksheet

This worksheet will help participants organize their thoughts during the customer service case study.
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