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Prepare to Write the Project Management Professional Exam

This blueprint demystifies that process and shares our practical, tactical advice for expediting the members’ preparation effort.

Develop an Availability and Capacity Management Plan

IT infrastructure leaders have to walk a tightrope to provide enough capacity for critical business processes while avoiding overprovisioning. Both downtime and...
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Develop and Deploy Security Policies

Comprehensively developed and effectively deployed security policies enable IT professionals to work pro-actively rather than reactively, benefitting the entire...
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Balance Supply and Demand with Realistic Resource Management Practices

To properly allocate project work and establish more stable project timelines, PMOs and portfolio managers need to develop a reasonable and manageable approximation of...
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Document and Maintain Your Disaster Recovery Plan

The traditional DRP “red binder” is dead. It takes too long to create, it’s too hard to maintain, and it’s not usable in a crisis.
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Find the Best-Fitting IAM Vendor

Organizations wishing to purchase a new Identity and Access Management solution are faced with dozens of potential third-party vendors to choose from, countless technical...

Create a Selection Strategy for Security Outsourcing

Organizations are struggling to achieve the security posture needed to protect their assets. This is because it is difficult to have the necessary resources and staffing...

Develop a Tabletop Exercise to Optimize Your Threat Collaboration Environment

Protecting organizations from cyber threats takes consistent collaboration between Security Operations, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management, and Threat...

Build a Customized GDPR Roadmap

GDPR is an impending regulation that has many organizations asking: “What do I do to become compliant?” After gaining an understanding of the regulation through...

Drive Corporate Performance to the Next Level With EPM

Leave spreadsheets behind and move to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to increase competitiveness through improved planning, budgeting, forecasting, and strategic...
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