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Become the Director of a Board to Gain Valuable Business Experience

Gain the business experience you need to demonstrate strategic business value to your organization.

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Create Synergy and Prove the ROI of Your VMO

Create business value metrics that resonate with executives.

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Create an Integrated Application Architecture

Assess your current application landscape and identify optimization opportunities.

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Embed Security Architecture into All Things IT

An architecture based approach will future-proof your organization.

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Select and Implement an EA Tool

Not all EA tools are made the same.

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Modernize Data Architecture

Step into the future while learning from the past.

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Create Gender-Diverse Teams to Improve Your Collective Intelligence and Boost Your Bottom Line

IT leaders need to alter their hiring and retention practices in order to reap the benefits of gender-diverse teams.

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Make Prudent Decisions When Introducing or Expanding Salesforce

Organizations that fail to take an enterprise platform approach to Salesforce risk overspending.

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Drive Advanced Vendor Management Maturity

Keep maturing your vendor management process.

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Move to Agile Performance Management to Foster a Coaching Culture

Improve coaching skills and build more effective teams quickly.

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