Recently Info-Tech reviewed the Firewall / Unified Threat Management / Next Generation Firewall (UTM hereafter for sake of ease) market, including the following notable vendors:


WatchGuard, with its balance of strong product and vendor capabilities at a market-leading price-point, leads with a UTM solution that can deliver benefits to any organization.

SonicWALL has strong all round capabilities, focus on the Small/Medium enterprise, and price points that are hard to ignore making this an easy vendor to like.

Fortinet helped define the UTM term and space, and still leads the market with unmatched feature/functionality; pricing stabilization has eliminated its long-standing Achilles’ Heel.

Value Award:

WatchGuard‘s combination of stable and committed vendor, well-rounded product, and rock-bottom pricing earns the company the Best Overall Value Award.

Innovation Award:

Palo Alto Networks, with its App-ID, Content-ID, and User-ID technologies has defined the next frontier of perimeter protection, and established the new bar for the market.

When selecting a network perimeter protection solution, Info-Tech recommends you keep the following three things in mind:

  1. The only traffic that counts any more is HTTP/S: As all traffic becomes Web traffic, controlling traffic flow by protocol becomes keyed to digging into Port 80 (and 443) traffic.
  2. Inbound no longer the only direction in which threats flow: As security focus has shifted from infrastructure to data, protection needs to address outbound flow as much as inbound attacks.
  3. Firewalls can’t protect against traffic they can’t see: Encrypted traffic obfuscates threats from Firewalls while WiFi networks allow attacks to bypass them entirely; modern solutions must also control these traffic types.
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