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Map Your Skills for a Changing Infrastructure and Operations Organization

Identify your skills gaps given future needs, and strategies to close those gaps.


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The increase in outsourcing, hyper-converged solutions, and software-defined everything requires a different skill set than your organization might have today.

Your Challenge

  • Organizations are moving toward hybrid infrastructure more than ever before. Rather than owning multiple isolated deployments (in-house, co-lo, IaaS, etc.), processes and data flows are integrated and managed across environments.
  • Technology is only one part of the required transformation. A move to the new infrastructure paradigm entails a transformation of technology as well as people and processes.
  • The top infrastructure and operations teams are becoming service brokers to the business. Effective service brokers anticipate the people, process, and technology requirements for new requests, and present options and costs to business stakeholders.

Our Solution

  • Our program maps existing skills to future services and technologies, and enables you to break down silos and match skills to tasks to get more from your team.
  • Our methodology leverages insights you’ve acquired by completing Info-Tech’s Infrastructure Roadmap, Disaster Recovery, Disruptive Infrastructure Technology, Cloud Strategy, and Infrastructure Budgeting blueprints.
  • Our program will help you build a skills matrix for the future organization that can leverage each individual’s diverse skill set, and enable knowledge transfer and talent development.
  • Build the foundation for your resourcing strategy by using our decision criteria to decide whether to train, hire, contract, or outsource for new skills.
  • Leverage the output of this exercise as you create your strategic workforce plan.

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Published: October 14, 2016
Last Revised: October 14, 2016