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Why Join the Info-Tech Partner Community

Grow Opportunities

Grow Opportunities

  • Add analytical capabilities
  • Improve proposal and bid responses
  • Access Info-Tech experts as needed
Make More Money

Make More Money

  • Improve margins on engagements
  • Create ongoing revenue streams
  • Increase follow-on consulting engagements
Save Time

Save Time

  • Access to hundreds of data driven and client tested methodologies
  • Contact an Account Manager…
  • Use over a thousand pre-built tools and templates
Develope Your Team

Develop Your Team

  • Get training and certification
  • Equip your team with high quality deliverables
  • Gain marketing and promotional capabilities

Become a Partner

Expand your portfolio of service offerings and differentiate your business by becoming a certified Info-Tech Partner. Leverage analyst-created and road-tested resources with your own clients to deliver extraordinary results without starting from scratch. Grow your business, uncover new opportunities, and drive profitability.


Access data driven methodologies to enhance and expand your practice with our boardroom ready reports.

  • High impact, low effort programs that pin point areas that need improvement
  • Various diagnostic programs that will meet the needs of your clients
  • Analytical insight and data that will improve your consulting engagements

All of our diagnostic programs. At your fingertips.

CEO-CIO Alignment

Help your clients achieve effective IT-business alignment by understanding their direct reports' perspective and priorities.

Help Your Clients:

  • Evaluate IT Fundamentals
  • Align IT with Business Priorities
  • Establish Performance Indicators
  • Invest in Technology & Innovation
CEO/CIO Alignment

CIO Business Vision

Stakeholder management is a critical aspect of running a successful IT department. Make sure your clients are aligned with the business needs.

Help Your Clients:

  • Understand Business Satisfaction
  • Demonstrate Business Demand
  • Manage Stakeholders
  • Generate Improvement Ideas
CIO Business Vision

End User Satisfaction

Develop data driven insights to help your clients decide what IT services need to be addressed to meet the demands of the business.

Help Your Clients:

  • Collect and document End User feedback
  • Help you evaluate IT Core Service Capabilities
  • Generate improvement ideas
  • Provide Targeted Department Feedback
End User Satisfaction

Application Portfolio Assessment

Enlist End Users to help your client decide which applications to retire, re-train on, and where to focus optimization efforts.

Help Your Clients:

  • Assess the health of their application portfolio by identify which apps are not providing business value
  • Identify how much they are wasting on apps that are not being used
  • Find out which apps End User’s need training on
Application Portfolio Assessment

Security Suite

Collect the data your clients need to effectively manage IT Security. Gather and report on IT Security governance, business satisfaction, and effectiveness to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

Help Your Clients:

  • Assess current Security state
  • Understand project customer perspective
  • Gauge trends
  • Identify security improvements
Security Suite

Project Portfolio Management

Find out how you can help your client report on and improve on all aspects of their PPM environment.

Help Your Clients:

  • Improve PPM practices
  • Understand project customer perspective
  • Optimize your PPM practices
  • Assess your Project Management
Project Portfolio Management

Management and Governance

Gather information on how your clients manage their IT processes so that you can start their process improvement journey.

Help Your Clients:

  • Map their Process landscape
  • Explore each IT process
  • Build team alignment
  • Track ownership
Management and Governance

Info-Tech Access

Allow your clients to unlock the power of Info-Tech

  • Enjoy high margins and continual revenue streams
  • Let us identify additional consulting opportunities for you
  • Use our Account Managers to better serve your clients

The 7 Steps of the Partner Cycle

Partner Cycle Wheel

Kick Off Our Partnership

Let’s get acquainted! We will discuss roles, define our partnership, and outline our commitment to you


Receive Partnership Kit and Marketing Material

We will equip you and your team with the tools and resources you will need to sell Info-Tech products


Onboarding to Info-Tech Membership

Meet your dedicated Account Manager and unlock access to our website


Training & Certification

Go through the process, understand our products, and train your team to get certified


Access Our Marketing Capabilities

Let us help you reach your client base to market our products


Partner Conferences (optional)

Come join us in Toronto to meet your fellow partners and accelerate your training and certification


Partner Success Review

We review your progress and identify additional areas where you can make more money and make your clients happier