The Hoover DamFour data loss prevention vendors emerged as champions; mobile and offline protection key differentiators.

As data becomes more mobile and more employees are working remotely, security tools must adapt – thus a new differentiator among data loss prevention (DLP) solutions.

DLP is a critical investment for enterprises, particularly with cloud and BYOD on the rise. Mobile devices and cloud servers are un-owned and somewhat unmanaged, so restrictions must be put in place over what data is allowed through.

Trend Micro, Websense, McAfee, and RSA topped Info-Tech Research Group’s recent DLP Vendor Landscape, and each with a strong awareness of mobile and offline protection.

Trend Micro offers the best value of all the products evaluated. Its solution offers mobile device support, and was the only product that sells both a standalone and modular DLP option that can be integrated into their other Trend products – an attractive idea for mid-sized enterprises looking for consolidation in their security tools.

Websense’s TRITON platform is highly integrated with DLP and WCF combined into a single platform, another ideal option for mid-sized enterprises looking for uncomplicated architecture. It also offers strong resources for customers, with international policies and multi-language support.

McAfee, a leader in the security space, scored high with its DLP solution that integrates with Active Directory, offers fast and smooth deployment, and integrates with its ePolicy Orchestrator – creating a centrally managed security platform. However, as with many McAfee products, its DLP price point was one of the highest of those evaluated.

The fourth champion is RSA. Of those evaluated, its solution is the most expensive. However, it has strong mobile protection capabilities through agentless mobile device support. This feature protects sensitive data flow on a wide range of mobile platforms, from smartphones to virtual desktops, iPhones to Droids.

Palisade Systems landed as an Innovator in the evaluation. Users looking for an efficient DLP set up will find Palisade’s smooth deployment ideal. However, Palisade is behind in mobile protection, offering no support for mobile devices or offline protection.

Market Pillar Symantec remains one of the most reliable vendors in the security market. Thus, its support is top-notch. They maintain an extensive DLP team that is capable of working with clients to share insights into best practices for specific industries. However, their solution is architecturally complex, requiring nine separate licenses to cover different areas of the network, endpoints, etc.

The Emerging Players in this space are CA Technologies, Trustwave, Verdasys and Code Green Networks.

CA Technologies offers a DLP solution that’s tightly integrated with its IAM product. This integration allows for granular user-based control that may exceed what other products offer. But CA Technologies’ DLP is lacking offline protection, a key feature.

Trustwave’s DLP product investigates a broad range of communications, like email, P2P file sharing, and various Web 2.0 platforms. The downside is that the solution is missing advanced features – including offline protection – which some organizations are coming to expect.

Verdasys offers a DLP solution that has a small network footprint, less than 300kb per day, per machine. But it is at a higher price point than most mid-sized organizations are interested in.

Code Green Networks’ all-in-one appliance-based solution requires less hardware than most, which reduces the TCO and complexity of implementation. However, the solution does not have the ability to control the flow of data to mobile devices.

Based on these results, it’s clear that mobile device and offline protection are important differentiators when evaluating DLP solutions. As an investment for most organizations, it’s even more imperative that DLP solutions address the requirements of organizations. With more employees working remotely and an increase of mobile devices linking to corporate networks, protection is more vital than ever.

For more information on the DLP space, refer to Info-Tech Research Group’s Vendor Landscape: Data Loss Prevention.


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