Although many organizations are only now upgrading to Office 2007 several years after its release, our recent survey shows that 33% of enterprises surveyed will be upgrading to Office 2010 over the next 18 months.

We recommend that organizations take a scenario-based approach when deciding whether or not to upgrade to Office 2010 or to evaluate other solutions. 42% of organizations using Office 2003 or below do not currently own licenses for Office 2010. These companies must now consider other, less expensive options that may suit their needs.

What if we don’t want Office 2010?

It is important to consider what features your business is using, and whether or not a different solution can meet those requirements. Not every organization, or specific departments/user groups, uses or needs all of the features unique to Office. But every organization must make a decision to upgrade to a newer version of Office or abandon the suite entirely in favor of an up-to-date platform.

The continuing evolution of the Windows OS, Office and the tools available to assist with upgrading introduces significant technological changes. There are several ways to upgrade to Office 2010, and Microsoft provides several tools to help organizations assess how easy or difficult the upgrade will be, such as:

Be sure to check out our report Office Open XML: Adoption Ready for more information on OOXML.

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