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Lead Staff through Change: Employee Change Personas

Staff members resemble four common personas as they transition through a change process. Learn how to manage each persona differently to leverage...
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Email Reduction

Email can be an addictive and dangerous to enterprise culture and productivity. Take control of the problem by introducing social collaboration...
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Institutionalizing Innovation through IT

Leverage IT's strong multi-department spanning position to facilitate innovation across the enterprise.
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Video: Prepare for Software Defined Networking (SDN)

The advancements of networking technologies and hardware appliances have made enterprise networks complex and intricate. Organizations are...
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System Center 2012

Get an overview of Microsoft's System Center 2012, some of the major licensing changes that have occurred to System Center, and a few words of...
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Turn Power Users into Technology Champions Video

IT must shift their perception of tech-savvy business users with personal applications and devices from threat to asset, and learn how to...
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Video: Develop a Cloud Consumption Strategy

Cloud computing has opened doors for failure in planning and managing for IT services. Because anyone with a credit card can potentially...
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Video: Catch the MS Office 2013 Productivity Wave

This set will help organizations struggling to decide between the different Microsoft Office packages, assess pricing, understand the new...
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Create a Formal Cloud Testing Strategy

Organizations are finding it difficult to execute test cases of cloud and web applications with traditional testing methods. Cloud testing...
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