Templates & Policies

Information Security Strategy Communication Deck

Use this template to present the results of your information security strategy planning to your stakeholders.

Business Continuity Policy Template

Create a policy for ongoing business continuity management.

BCP Executive Presentation

Present initial results and next steps for your BCP initiative.

BCP Business Process Workflows Example

Outline business process workflows and establish steps, dependencies and alternates for BCP by building on this example.

BCP Recovery Workflow Example

Use this example BCP recovery workflow to support your own planning efforts.

BCP Tabletop Planning Template

Use this template to document the output of the BCP tabletop planning exercise and build a recovery workflow.

BCP Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire

Manage suppliers to ensure they meet the requirements set out in your BCP.

BCP Notification, Assessment, and Disaster Declaration Plan

Create a process for notification, damage assessment, and disaster declaration procedures that integrate with your business continuity and crisis management plans.

BCP Summary

Summarize your organization's continuity capabilities and objectives in one easy-to-consume document.

End-User Computing Strategy Document

Use this template to record the results of the activities you complete during the course of the end-user computing strategy project, and produce a simple, easy-to-read...
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