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Outsell is the leading research and advisory firm providing actionable market analytics for the information industry. Founded in 1994, Outsell helps publishers, commercial information providers, and content software technology vendors identify, maintain, and grow markets and revenue streams. Outsell also works with information management executives in top corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions to benchmark spending, optimize performance, and demonstrate best practices. Outsell invests heavily in unique information industry data assets that form the core of its high-quality, fact-based research, analysis, and recommendations for clients worldwide.

For doing things that are particularly innovative and for being in touch with market dynamics Outsell has ranked Info-Tech as one of the top 10 companies to watch. This comes after previous Outsell reports consistently placed Info-Tech as a "rising star" in this market, placing us ahead of Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

Outsell's Latest Report Says:

Info-Tech Research Group is an IT research firm that has focused on companies just below the Fortune 500 level. It focuses on providing tactical tools to help the IT/CIO function select technology solutions. The company has found a need it could fill and has been growing quickly in a market space that was largely under served. With continuing momentum and a new suite of web-based tools, Outsell expects the company to continue on a strong growth path for the next few years.

Info-Tech Research Group is an interesting leader as it has seen 15% to 20% revenue growth rates the past couple of years and has grown into a solid firm with a solid footprint among CIOs at mid-market firms. It built a robust set of web-based tools and provides actionable data as well as advisory services for its target market.

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