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Join more than 30,000 IT professionals worldwide who are making this transition using the collective strength of their peers and the insight of Info-Tech Research Group

The key challenges
IT leaders face

Over the last decade, our members have shared the two predominant challenges holding them back



are locked in an operations & maintenance quagmire

20% of the budget available to spend



fail to meet business goals

30% of projects meet expectations

Info-Tech systematically helps evolve the value IT provides the business

Info-Tech’s mission is to help our members conquer their challenges by improving their core IT processes, and by actively assisting in delivering on their key projects...

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CIO's hierarchy of IT needs: does not crash, does not embarrass, does not cost much, keeps business happy, decreases costs, increases efficiency, increases revenue, extends into new businesses, and creates new industry. CEO's hierarchy of IT needs: get fundamentals right, support the business, optimize business processes, expand the business, define new frontier.

How we help members evolve and improve

Info-Tech’s approach and philosophy makes us stand apart from traditional Technology Advisors or IT Consultants

Info-Tech provides consulting quality deliverables, with the development costs shared across the full membership. Your team builds their capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting.

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improve core
processes &

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How we help you. We provide Best Practice Toolkits that incldue ready-to-use, Step-by-step methodologies, tools & sample deliverables. With options for remote analyst assistance through guided implementation and a two to five day onsite workshops for critical projects & core processes.

Implementation assistance,
the evolution of research

Better Research Than Anyone. Technology, helping you implement key technology projects, not just providing more written reports on topics and more for you to read. Process, a comprehensive and connected framework to systematically harnes the chaos and drive sustainable IT improvement.
We offer help implementing instead of just reports to read, guided project implementation not 30-mintue calls, high impact low effort programs that create your deliverables for you, consulting quality deliverables, and we're always delivering measurable results.

A year in the life of a member

We work closely with our members throughout the year to maintain their forward momentum

A year in the life of a member starts with identifying your projects and process priorities to help schedule activities including guided implementations and workshops, and completing your diagnostic program like CIO Business Vision to help provide research driven insights to drive measurable results. This will all be followed by Best Practices Toolkits to help you independently work through projects, attending Webinars to participate in discussions on important industry topcis, taking part in your scheduled Project Acceleration Workshops, meeting with your Account Manager to review your project performance and identify areas to focus on, working through Guided Implementation Programs, attending Info-Tech Exchange events to meet your peers and share ideas, reviewing best practices on our site, completing a World Class Operations workshop to lift your performance and effectiveness of your core IT processes, and finally, participating in research by taking part in an expert interview with an analyst sharing your best practices, opinions, tools and templates.

Harness the insight & experience of 30,000+ IT professionals

Organizations in all industries and all sizes turn to and trust Info-Tech to help build their operational capabilities

Some of our clients include Walmart, GSA, Canadian Red Cross, Intel, Tivo, Honda, New Balance, Delta Dental, FedEx, ING Direct, TD Bank, American National, BOYD Gaming, and many more!

Become a Member Today

Discover how to get actionable solutions to your biggest IT challenges.

Contact Us
1-888-670-8889 (US) or
1-844-618-3192 (CAN)

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IT Research & Advisory Memberships

Improve your core IT processes and implement your critical IT projects with greater success.

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Build effective core IT processes with our World Class Operations workshops.

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Align IT and business strategies to drive growth.

Our Latest Research

April 07  •  Management & Governance

Standardize the Service Desk

Provide timely and effective responses to user requests and resolutions of all incidents.

March 30  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Survive an Impending Audit

Razor thin margin for error, high stakes.

March 26  •  Projects & Technology

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Build or Refresh the Wireless LAN

Right-size your WLAN to support your ever-evolving business needs.

March 25  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Take Control of Compliance Improvement to Conquer Every Audit

Don’t gamble recklessly with external compliance. Play a winning system and take calculated risks to stack the odds in your favor.

March 19  •  High Impact Leadership

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Fast Track Your Teams’ Leadership Skills

Quick, simple, and effective tactics to make your IT leaders better at their jobs while driving real business value.

March 16  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Stay on Top of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Mobile App Trends

It’s time to go beyond basic mobile apps and start offering innovative and valuable solutions.

March 12  •  Gaming and Hospitality

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Build or Refresh the WLAN

Don’t gamble with your wireless network; enhance guest experience with an efficient and reliable WLAN.

March 10  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Make IT a Partner in Successful M&A Due Diligence

Get IT involved in the M&A process pre-close to help ensure post-close success.

March 09  •  Projects & Technology

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Build an Agile Data Warehouse

Lay a solid yet flexible foundation and run iterations on top to deliver early and frequent value.

March 04  •  Projects & Technology

Guided Implementation Badge Guided Implementation

Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile device management has grown up. Get a grip on devices, applications, and content with the right enterprise mobility management suite.


SickKids logo We find your research very valuable because you provide very practical insight and include critical details which we take into consideration when we have to make quick strategic decisions.End Quote

Daniela Crivianu Gaita head shot
Daniela Crivianu Gaita
VP IMT & CIO, The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Healthcare
Sick Kids Case Study

Master Brand Cabinets logo Info-Tech’s research probably saved us somewhere in the neighbourhood of one to two months of research that we would have had to have done on our own to arrive at the same conclusions.End Quote

William Storey head shot
William Storey
IT Compliance Officer, MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.
Jasper, Indiana
Industry: Manufacturing
MasterBrand Cabinets Case Study

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